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SIP Home Systems
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SIP Home Systems

SIP Home Systems - The Process

Plans are done and you're ready for your TDHD SIP Panels

Home Design and EngineeringYou must have land on which to build or identified land on which you plan to build to get started. Generally, you need to have financing in hand, land contracted and the intent to begin construction within 10 months or less in order for us to begin the process for you of ordering your TDHD SIP Panels package.

The Process:

The SHS process is broken into two major parts:
  • Documentation and Construction.

This portion is referring to your plans or blueprints which includes your floor plans, elevations, construction documents: electrical, sections, roof layout, foundation, etc. along with Title 24 (Energy Calculations), truss calculations, structural calculations along with any other civil engineering required for your particular site.

Once documentation is complete and permitted, you will be ready to begin construction.

During the construction phase, you will choose a qualified general contractor who is familiar with our materials and building systems to ensure a smoothly run project. Or if you prefer, we can train and certify your preferred contractor. Construction is fast and efficient due to our use of precision preassembly of high-quality elements such as our TDHD SIP Panels, prefabricated window and door assemblies, structural frames, and other construction technologies. These building components are shipped to your site within weeks of your order and then erected in less than a couple of weeks.

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