The Cost of Building With SIP Panels

SIP Panels » What is the cost?

The cost to build a SIP house depends entirely on its design, so it's best to compare it to building with lumber. SIPs offer short term and long term benefits (speed of construction, energy savings, etc.). Many of our customers claim that with the rising costs of labor and materials their SIP home costs about the same or less than stick construction.

Your panels account for a fraction of your home's cost - usually ten percent or less. These dollars can be made up very quickly in energy savings alone.

SIP Panels » What are the savings?!?

Below is an independent study demonstrating these savings.

When you compare SIP vs. stick envelopes and project the utility costs based on the type of HVAC system, local utility rates, heating and cooling days.

Consider this analysis comparing the operating costs of a 1,522 square foot home using two different thermal envelopes.

SIP Panels - What is the Cost?

BASF STUDY - Everything you need to know about SIPS

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