SIP Advantage Panels Stronger & Straighter

SIP Panels are Stronger

SIP Advantage Panels - Stronger and StraighterStrength of building materials and systems are judged by their ability to withstand the forces of nature. Data to determine strength properties is gathered through destructive testing. Specific tests are utilized to evaluate a wall's performance in high winds or earthquakes. The testing program on SIP Panel systems is the most extensive in the industry. This ongoing program involves independent third party testing agencies that provide state-of-the-art evaluations of structural, fire resistant, energy consumption and sound attenuation properties of the system.

SIPs structural characteristics are similar to a steel I-beam. The skins act like the flanges of an I-beam, and the rigid core provides the web of the I-beam configuration. This composite assembly yields stiffness, strength, and predictable performance. Not only do test results show SIPs are stronger, but natural disasters have proven it time and again. Homes built with SIP Panels withstood the Great Hanshin (Kobe, Japan) and North Ridge earthquakes, as well as Hurricane Andrew.

SIP Home Systems is the industry leader in determining which panel manufacturer is best for your project and has continually set higher industry standards to ensure your safety and complete code compliance in the domestic market areas for residential and light commercial construction planning.

SIP Panels are Straighter

Structural Insulated Panels offered by SIP Home Systems
utilize flat foam and engineered non-veneer Oriented Strand Board (OSB)